• Create a Built Environment of Safety and Wellbeing
    Continue to create a built environment that provides safety, good health and wellbeing for employees and workers.
  • Develop long-term social impact programmes
    Support the building of effective and sustainable public utilities, and participating in community work, with long-term value creation for the local community

Safety Culture

We have a long-established safety culture. Spearheaded by the Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Management Committee, we were accredited with the Occupation Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001 certification. We are committed to uphold the highest safety standard and best operation practice, and our continuous efforts keep us a pioneer in health and safety performance in the industry.

HSE Policy Statement

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    Considerations for health, safety and the environment, including any impact that the company's operations may have on the general public and on the environment, shall be given the highest priority in matters of design, methods and equipment.

  • 2

    The concern for health, safety and the environment is the responsibility of every employee and sub-contractor of the company.

  • 3

    Through continuous upgrading of standards, the company's ultimate aim is to reduce the number of industrial accidents to the minimum, and provide a healthy and pleasant working environment, and contribute progressively towards environmental protection and conservation.

We strive to build a safety culture in the company with a myriad of activities and programmes, and exploring innovative solutions to improving occupational safety.

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Community Contributions

As a responsible corporate citizen, SOCAM’s investment in the community takes into account specific societal needs; ways in which we can focus the areas and nature of our contributions. These contributions encompass corporate cash donations and the simple gift of time and concern for others in the long tradition of the Shui On ‘We Care’ spirit.


Shui On Seagull Club, our employee-run community service unit set up in 1982 and registered with the HKSAR Government,

plays an active role in promoting voluntary social services among staff. The Club works hand-in-hand with charity organisations in both Hong Kong and Mainland China to ensure donations of time and money make a direct positive impact on the lives of the most deserving.


    Football Fun Day


    Elderly Housing Design Exchange Session


    Experiential Learning Programme “Project Mingde”


    Donating Anti-epidemic Supplies


    Youth Development

    Through extending our reach to youths and empowering our younger generation, we aim to enhance their personal skills and also to cultivate among them the seed of a responsible citizen for the years ahead. With this belief, SOCAM has supported an array of youth development programmes in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

    The Elderly

    Caring for the elderly is a growing concern in Hong Kong and Mainland China. SOCAM partners with charitable organisations to build outreach relationships for our older citizens, particularly those living alone, to bridge the gap between the elderly and the society. We also spread our We Care spirit and promote social harmony to the underprivileged.