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Welcome to the website of SOCAM Development Limited

Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in February 1997, SOCAM Development Limited (HKSE Stock Code : 00983) is a member of the Shui On Group, and is principally engaged in construction and property businesses, with operations spanning Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.

SOCAM’s corporate culture is based on our commitment to integrity, quality, innovation and excellence. We have been guided by a set of strong corporate governance principles, and are committed to realising our “Shui On . We Care” Spirit across the business footprint in the areas where we operate.

Corporate Mission Statement since 1983
  • Profit

    To achieve sufficient profit to provide an attractive return to our shareholders and to finance our growth.

  • Customers

    To provide our clients with quality service and products.

  • Our People

    To provide an environment whereby our people can excel, develop and grow with the company.

  • Management Philosophy

    To provide an environment that encourages and rewards merit and team effort.

  • Corporate Culture

    To cultivate a set of shared beliefs on which all our policies and actions are based.

  • Construction Projects
  • Property Projects
  • 50

    In construction

    Construction is the business that accounts for the Shui On Group's origin over 50 years ago. It continues to maintain a leading position in the industry.

    • Public Housing
      Public Housing Development at Anderson Road

      Construction of a public housing development at Anderson Road for the HKHA - another project which adopts Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) modules, will offer 1,410 public rental housing units when completed in 2025.

    • Interior Fitting Out
      Hong Kong Palace Museum

      Fitting out works For Hong Kong Palace Museum includes interior ceiling, wall and floor for lower ground floor public area, activities rooms, auditorium and exhibition galleries. Look up to see the timeless glazed tiled ceiling design meant to reproduce the Forbidden City, to dive into an immersive experience towards ancient China.

    • Government Offices & Quarters
      (Design and Build) Drainage Services Department Building

      Built for Architectural Services Department, this institutional building at Cheung Sha Wan will be the headquarters of the Drainage Services Department and the offices of other government departments upon completion in 2025.

    • Maintenance and Minor Works
      (Design and Build) Transitional Housing at Kam Tin

      The design and build project will fully adopt steel MiC, which will shorten the construction period to 13 months.

    • Community Amenities
      (Design and Build) Multi-welfare services complex in Kwu Tung North

      This is the first project in which we use the MiC technology, with integration of green building design. Upon completion in 2022, it will provide a total of 1,750 residential care places for the elderly, care and attention home for disabled persons, and day activity centre cum hostel for mentally disabled persons.

    • Heritage
      Central Market

      The Urban Renewal Authority Central Market Revitalisation project was completed and reopened in Aug 2021. As the Central Market was a Grade 3 Historic Building, it is SOCAM’s first project with full scale BIM application to enhance project management which significantly smoothened the construction process.

  • property business
    focused on
    Mainland China

    SOCAM's property business is mainly focused on Mainland China. We are the first mover in the special situation market segment and our accumulated experience and expertise are well-recognised in the industry.

    • Chengdu
      Chengdu Centropolitan

      Officially opened in August 2018, the mall occupies 43,000 sq.m. GFA, and hosts a gym, studio, cinema and children’s education centre, as well as Hema Fresh of the Alibaba Group, designed to meet the day-to-day needs of the local community.

      Read more
    • Shenyang
      Shenyang Project Phase I

      Completed in 2013, Shenyang Tiandi, a 62,200 sq.m. shopping mall in the city’s commercial hub, is undergoing an extensive revamp to be a “destination point” for food and beverages and early child education to attract growing middle class.

      Read more
    • Tianjin

      A European-style mall with a total GFA of 9,300 sq.m. in a prime location near Tianjin’s Wuqing Station. The substantial revamp of Phase 1 has improved the tenant mix and enhanced the visitor experience. Phase 2 expansion will provide retail and SOHO spaces upon completion.

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    • Chongqing
      Creative Concepts Center

      Located in Chongqing’s Central Business District close to the busy Jiefangbei Square, the development was completed in 2013. The shopping mall, with a total GFA of 21,000 sq.m., was revamped in 2018 and repositioned with a greater emphasis on lifestyle elements, including education and health clinic.

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    • Nanjing
      Scenic Villa

      Located in Nanjing’s Jiangning District, Scenic Villa is a residential development offering distinctive low-rise villas and apartments with balconies in a garden and lakeside setting. All of the villas in Phase 1 and 2 were sold or subscribed.

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    • Chengdu
      Central Point International Plaza

      A grade-A office building and leasing for the office tower progressed well. Major tenants primarily came from the insurance and finance sectors.

      Read more

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Shui On We Care

We firmly believe our long term success is built on a strong sense of responsibility for our stakeholders and the larger community of which we are an integral part. At the operation level, we continue to seek ways to further minimise the environmental impact across all disciplines. At the corporate level, we join hands with our staff to cultivate a caring culture.

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