Business Strengths
    • Diversified management portfolio

      Our diversified portfolio, including housing estates, office building, shopping centres, schools, carparks and specialised facilities, equips us with all-round expertise and experience to serve our clients and customers better.

    • Extensive experience

      We have more than 30 years of solid property management experience in Hong Kong. We shall deliver over and above the clients’ expectations time after time.

    • Proven capability and performance

      We specialise in the provision of quality property management services. Our impressive track record is a testament to our capability and performance over the years.

    • Operational efficiency improvement

      We manage buildings and facilities in a professional manner to create a productive environment for higher efficiency, risk mitigation and cost reduction.

    • Customer focus

      We build and maintain a long-term and close relationship with our clients and customers through the provision of tailor-made, professional services. We work in strategic partnership with them and conduct regular and effective two-way communications to achieve full customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

    • Solid client base

      We are well experienced in serving incorporated owners, government bodies, private corporations and school management.

    • Go Green initiatives

      We enforce green practices, e.g. audits and recycling measures, in a bid to care for the Environment, reduce costs and raise sustainability.

    • Value Enhancement

      Our expertise and experience make our managed properties work smarter and help enhance asset value.

    • Strong technical support

      We have a highly-regarded technical team comprising experienced technicians, providing rapid response and full back-up technical support to our clients and customers.


  • ISO9001 Quality Management System

    As part of the requirements of the system, we have derived and implemented stringent operating procedures and work instructions to monitor the day-to-day estate management and maintenance matters including:

    • Contractor performance monitoring and assessment
    • Tendering and contractual procedures
    • Performance pledge and indicators
    • Customer satisfaction survey and monitoring
    • Financial management and budgetary procedures
    • Staff deployment, training and appraisal procedures
    • Building fabric and services inspection and testing procedures
  • ISO14001 Environmental Management System

    To ensure our ISO14001 EMS is implemented effectively, we have developed and put into effect various environmental management programmes for our managed portfolio including:

    • Waste paper, plastic bottle and tin can recycling
    • Fax/copier/printer toner recycling
    • Battery recycling
    • Used cloth, furniture and electrical appliance recycling programme with voluntary service institutes
    • Contractor/supplier environmental awareness monitoring
    • Organisation of environmental seminar and training for staff and contractor
    • Environmental exhibition and fun fair
    • Participate external environmental assessment and competition, and as a result several Gold Wastewi$e Certificates, Eco-Business Awards and Quality Water Certificate were received
    • Actively participate the Indoor Air Quality Certification Scheme of EPD and one of our managed portfolio, Shui On Centre, has achieved the first private building being awarded Indoor Air Quality Certificate (Excellent Class)
  • OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

    To ensure our OHSAS18001 system is implemented effectively, we have developed and carried out various control programmes for our managed portfolio including:

    • Contractor/supplier health and safety risk assessment and monitoring
    • Arrangement for temporary storage and transportation of chemical waste
    • Organisation of health and safety seminar and training for our staff and contractor
    • Arrangement of safety rehearsal for our customer such as fire drill and chemical leakage drill
    • Health and safety exhibition and talks for our customers