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Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in February 1997, SOCAM Development Limited (HKSE Stock Code : 00983) is a member of the Shui On Group, and is principally engaged in property and construction businesses, with operations spanning the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau. 

SOCAM’s corporate culture is based on Shui On Group’s commitment to quality, innovation and excellence. We have been guided by a set of strong corporate governance principles, and are committed to realising our “Shui On . We Care” Spirit across the business footprints in the areas where we operate.

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21/04/17 [Announcement] Notice of Annual General Meeting
24/03/17 [Announcement] Announcement of results for the year ended 31 December 2016
24/03/17 [Press Release] SOCAM Development Announces 2016 Annual Results
13/03/17 [Announcement] Date of Board Meeting
16/02/17 [Announcement] Resignation of Non-executive Director and Changes of Composition of Board Committees
05/12/16 [Announcement] Connected Transactions – Payment of Fees pursuant to Contribution Agreement for Dalian Project
22/11/16 [Announcement] Connected Transactions – Loan Arrangements for Shenyang Project Phase I
16/11/16 [Announcement] Retirement of Director, Appointment of Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer and Changes of Composition of Board Committees
29/08/16 [Announcement] Discloseable Transaction – Disposal of 35% Equity Interest in Nanjing Jiangnan Cement Co., Ltd.
26/08/16 [Announcement] Appointment of Member of Finance Committee and Investment Committee
26/08/16 [Announcement] Interim Results for the six months ended 30 June 2016
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