Board of Directors
Annual General Meeting

The overall management of the Company's business is vested in the Board, which assumes the responsibility for leadership and control of the Company, and the Directors are collectively responsible for promoting the success of the Company by directing and supervising its affairs and overseeing the achievement of strategic plans to enhance shareholders' value. Directors are expected to make decisions objectively in the interests of the Company.

The Board is responsible for all major aspects of the Company's affairs, including the approval and monitoring of key policy matters, overall strategies, business plans and annual budgets, internal control and risk management systems, material transactions (including, in particular, those which may involve conflicts of interest), major capital expenditure, appointment of Directors and Board Committee members, and other significant financial and operational matters. The Board also plans a central support and supervisory role in the Company's corporate governance duties to ensure the Company maintains a sound governance framework for long-term sustainable shareholders' value.
All operational decisions are delegated to the Executive Directors. The day-to-day management, administration and operation of the Company are the responsibilities of senior management of different business divisions and their functions and work tasks are periodically reviewed. The Board gives clear directions to management as to their powers and circumstances where management should report back. Approval has to be obtained from the Board prior to any decision being made or any commitments being entered into on behalf of the Company that are outside the limits of the authority given to them by the Board.
The relevant roles of the Board and management and their relationships are clearly delineated, and functions reserved to the Board and those delegated to management are set out in a Board Charter. The Board Charter is reviewed by the Board annually to ensure that it remains appropriate to meet the Company's needs.
Directors have full and timely access to all relevant information as well as the advice and services of the Company Secretary, with a view to ensuring that Board procedures and all applicable rules and regulations are followed.
Management has an obligation to supply to the Board and its committees adequate, complete and reliable information in a timely manner to enable them to make informed decisions. A Director's portal has been in place to facilitate online access to information needed by Board members. Each Director has separate and independent access to management.

The Board currently comprises six members and the composition of the Board is set out below:

Executive Directors:
Mr. Lo Hong Sui, Vincent
Mr. Lee Chun Kong, Freddy
(Chief Executive Officer)

Non-executive Director:

Ms. Lo Bo Yue, Stephanie  

Independent Non-executive Directors:

Ms. Li Hoi Lun, Helen 
Mr. Chan Kay Cheung
Mr. William Timothy Addison

  * List of Directors and their Roles and Functions

  * Procedures for Shareholders to Elect Directors